Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Woman Project // Sophia Bush

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            Sophia Bush has been one of my role models for quite some time. From portraying Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, one of my favorite television dramas, to her current role as Detective Erin Lindsay on the new Chicago PD, this girl has got some serious talent. Not only is she an extremely talented actress and director, but she is also a strong, aspiring, and ambitious activist and spokesperson. This is evident if you’ve ever taken the time to follow Sophia Bush on any social media platform. From Twitter to Facebook to Instragram, she is focused on getting her voice, and the voices of others’ around her, across. All in all, it is evident that she is set to make a difference.
            I became interested in learning more about Sophia Bush when I heard about her growing career as a spokesperson for several different causes all over the globe. Her name has been associated with organizations such as “” and the Global Poverty Project. Also, she’s a girl who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. As an environmental activist, she has made appearances after some truly horrific environmental disasters to show her support and lend a helping hand. She is resilient. This show of true spirit, caring, and dedication is what encouraged me to pursue my own ventures of interest and begin speaking about change.
            I could go on and on about her accomplishments and why exactly she’s a role model for millions of girls and women out there, including myself. However, the part I want to focus on, especially for this post today, is her role in the realm of women’s empowerment. Recently, “I Am That Girl”, by Alexis Jones, hit the stands. Though I have yet to read the book, the general back, as I understand, is focused on encouraging girls everywhere to be whom they truly are and be honest with themselves. As far as encouraging empowerment for girls and women all over the world, this book is it. After I got my copy, I was shocked to learn that there was a special forward by Sophia Bush herself! This lovely surprise simply solidified my view of her as an individual, empowered woman, and strong activist.
            All in all, I believe she represents strength, resilience, and a vision for what an equal and sustainable world looks like for everyone within it.

Photographs via Google Image Search

And now... for the outfit post. I absolutely LOVE Sophia Bush's unique style. The photo above is what I decided to attempt to incorporate with my own style twist. 

shirt - gifted // necklace & pencil skirt - Forever 21 // bracelet - Francesca's Boutique // shoes - LimeLight 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tune Tuesday // Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks

Being on a television binge lately, I went ahead and watching American Horror Story 3: Coven. Now, don’t get me wrong, horror is definitely NOT my genre. I absolutely adore dramas, so give me Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, even jump back to One Tree Hill, but I go running for the hills come a horror movie, so it surprised me to be interested to watch a horror television show of all things.

The topic is what convinced me, as it involved some phenomenal actresses casting spells and fighting for good versus evil. What I didn’t know when beginning this show was the great music I would be introduced (or re-introduced to- considering Fleetwood Mac). I used to listen to them a few years ago, but never really got into it. But, during the show they featured a "hippie" witch, in love with Stevie Nicks, and singing and dancing to “Silver Springs” by Fleetwood Mac. I might be biased since I absolutely adored this character but hey, the music was amazing too! Since that moment, the song has been on repeat on my iTunes. It’s mesmerizing, monumental, and sentimental all in one. It’s also a very bittersweet melody, which is definitely one of my most favorite things when it comes to music.

I highly recommend giving her, and them a listen to…and most specifically…”Silver Springs”. This was the song on my mind and I’m hoping you’ll take some time and give it a listen.


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Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Wore // Vacation Bound

sweater & boots - Forever 21 // leggings - old // bag - Big Buddha

dress - Macy's // cardigan - Forever 21 // boots - Rocket Dog // leggings - Chinese Laundry
scarf - old // shirt - Charlotte Russe //  jeans - Hollister // boots - Forever 21

Beginning of the holidays, specifically Christmas Eve and a few days before, I spent some time traveling. We headed north, which to most people seems like the exact opposite of a good time for a winter vacation. On the contrary, it was actually a good break away from everything and everyone. I got to take some time, explore different cities (and of course different shops!), relax, and have a good time. These are just a few quick snapshots of some outfits I threw together for the trip. I apologize for the pictures being a bit gritty, as they were selfies and some are off my cellphone. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

News & Notes // REDEFINITION

Within the last few months I am sure you’ve noticed a great decline in the amount of blog posts that I have written. It started about a year ago and slowly has lead to absolutely no new posts for months. I got caught up with my life and the chaos that incorporated applications to graduate school, interviews, family events, and relocating. Oh, and let’s not forget graduating! My Life in Lavender, during that time fell to the wayside. But, from taking the last few weeks to think about whether I want to go into blogging again, or if those last posts were it for My Life in Lavender, I’ve gained some perspective.

I created My Life in Lavender as a creative outlet. A safe place where I could showcase my artwork, snippets from my daily life, and discuss my passions, such as fashion, music, and beauty, on a public platform. I was inspired by the bloggers that I followed; hoping to channel their creativity and poise when it came to blogging and gaining a following. Little by little, my personal passions fell to the side and each blog post became more about the technicalities, such as perfect angled camera shots or how I could promote the post via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instead of blogging for me, I began to blog for followers. It’s a pretty difficult cycle and an easy one to get sucked into. Regardless to say, blogging became more concerning and issue ridden. I would spend more time trying to come up with interesting blog posts, possibly things that other people would want to read, than just writing and showing what came to me naturally. 

Then, a funny thing happened. I have a few lovely ladies who I’ve been following and who originally inspired me to start my own blog. One of which is Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle. She wrote on a post in March ideas and feelings about her blog that I felt resonated with me and what I am expressing to you now. Moreover, she also wrote in April about ridding her blog of the “comment” function and any sponsorships. I found this so brave and inspiring. So, a shout out to Stephanie for taking the plunge and being a brave pioneer in changing your blog and writing for yourself and less for the pressures of blogging and “making it” in the blogging world. I appreciate your honesty and feel that your words really spoke to me. 

So, taking my note from several of the bloggers, like Stephanie, who have taken the plunge to redefine their blogs, I will be doing something similar. I am keeping the “comments” function, for now at least. However, I am redefining what I believe My Life in Lavender should stand for. First off, there will be no more sponsorships on My Life in Lavender, though I have truly appreciated all the support from fellow bloggers. I just do not feel, that with my current lifestyle, I would be able to keep up with everything. Moreover, I want to write for My Life in Lavender to enjoy the process and creative freedom, and less feel burdened with the logistics of blogging. Thus, from this moment on, My Life in Lavender will be what it was originally supposed to be, my own personal creative outlet and safe haven for thoughts and passions that my daily life might be missing. I do hope that everyone who has stayed committed to this blog and my journey through the blogosphere will continue to support me.

Also, please keep in mind that I mean no disrespect to anyone. I admire ALL bloggers and respect every single person’s desires and background to why they are blogging. There is no right or wrong way to blog and there are no judgements. There is simply a comfortable way to blog for each individual and I think I finally found my piece of the blogosphere that fits with my life and personality. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review // The Hana Professional Flat Iron 1’

First off, I would just like to say THANK YOU so much to Misikko for sending me this amazing flat iron - The Hana Professional Flat Iron 1’ - to review. They had great timing in offering me an option to review, as my previous straightener, a pretty old Conair number, was beginning to fall apart.

Overall, the Hana Pro Flat Iron was amazing. I have decently thick hair so a powerful straightener would be the only option to give me the results I want. This flat iron was perfect; powerful enough to really straighten my hair while at the same time not damaging it from the heat. 

Personal Pros: 
  • Amazing packaging (check out the fun extras they sent with the flat iron!)
  • Heat proof mat and travel pouch included
  • Safe for damp hair
  • No crease marks in hair when using
  • Doesn’t fry/damage hair
  • Adjustable heat settings
Personal Cons:
  • None - it’s an amazing flat iron!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guest Post // Model Alexa Lacza

Hope everyone is having a wonderfully relaxing Sunday afternoon! Today I've got a special guest post for you readers from one of my oldest friends, Alex Lacza...
Hey everyone,

My name is Alexandra Timea Lacza. To my friends and family, I’m Alex or Lex, but in the modeling industry, I am formally known in many markets as model Alexa Lacza. Before you go thinking that this is just some girl pretending to be some model or is a self-obsessed, conceited individual that loves to blast her “beauty” to the world, it’s not. I have been on this journey for four years now, on and off, not with the hopes of fame and fortune, but with hopes that one day the name will contribute to good will. Allow me to tell my story, with all the trials and tribulations I had to overcome to finally see the sun through the storm and a promising future on the horizon. 

This journey began a long time ago, probably during the first years of my life. My parents came from Hungary with a strict upbringing and being their first born, they pushed me to become the next Bill Clinton. By the age of 6, I spoke three languages, read at a 5th grade level, knew all the capitals in Europe and in my spare time, read books about dinosaurs. Strange, right? None of those hobbies, talents or actions seemed to match. I also had the tendency of posing in pictures like Marilyn Monroe, styled my Barbie dolls, imitated people’s actions and accents, and tried to teach my sister all the things that I knew. As time went on, my knowledge grew, my interests changed, and I became more and more confused about what I want in life. Finally, I decided that I will make my name in this world and do something extraordinary, but what?

At 16, I was discovered in Cleveland, Ohio by a small modeling agency. I though about modeling in the past and had done some small jobs as a tween, but nothing I thought to seriously consider. Then I thought this could be my ticket to become an independent entrepreneur in the future. It could be easier if I were to establish a name for myself first. One year and many test shoots later, I was off to New York where my dreams seemed to be coming true. 

New York was very similar to Budapest to me. The hustle and bustle, the nightlife, the different people; everything. I was a 17 year old model trying to make it in the concrete jungle on my own with no one beside me to truly help me. I started the season with minimal jobs and by the end, I booked magazines, test shoots with great photographers and advertisements. I felt like I was on top of the world. The next step was to use this in Europe and start to really make a name for myself. However, the negative side to the industry such as the self-absorbed, greedy individuals on a daily basis ruined my self esteem. After a horrible battle with my manager regarding money and my future, I decided to leave modeling at 19 and try to create my mogul status on other terms. 

For the following two years, I lived in the Brooklyn area of New York, working as a manager in a fashion showroom and eventually owned my own business in credit repair. Things seemed to be going right. I was a strong individual taking care of myself, keeping up an apartment, vehicle, all of my expenses and going to university online for business. Something was still missing though. My business dealt with credit repair, and after a while I realized this was not the career path I wanted. I wanted something bigger, something I would be interested in forever, which would have to include everything. And so, after two long years out of the game, I found a new agency and started modeling once again, hoping for a different outcome. 
Today, I am a fresh faced newly 22 year old model, working in the industry just like everyone else. I have been to many markets, most recently Greece where I landed 6 editorials in magazines, some commercial jobs, fashion shows and countless test shoots. I am currently in Istanbul where the market has taken a different turn for me and the interest is not as high as it was in Greece, but I will continue to push forth. Markets have declined me and others have shown interest. I have accomplished many things in my life time and I have begun to establish my name in this world with all the people I meet on a daily basis around the globe. I have only stepped up the ladder of success and will soon be in another city, still modeling, still pushing forward toward my dream of being a power player in the market. After all, as Confucius says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” 


*All photographs courtesy of Alex's facebook fan page here. Check it out! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

News & Notes // Seeking Style

Hello again lovely My Life in Lavender readers!! It has been awhile. J and I have been busy bee’s and had to pass on last months Seeking Style post (sorry!), but we are back in action! Today I am sooo excited to talk to you about seeking your own personal style while on a budget.


What do the above photos have in common (besides me, silly!)?

Each of these looks were all thrifted! Thrift stores, huh? Sound sort of gross or slightly intimidating?

I was opposed to stepping inside of thrift stores for the longest time. I thought it was the furthest thing from cool. I preferred shelling out all of my savings for the name brands but still had such a hard time keeping up. Once I started college my funds became very limited. Ramen anyone? Running low on cash and having the desire to switch up my look more frequently I decided to take the plunge and try out a thrift store. My love affair now turned addiction took some time though. I would find a sweater or bag every once and awhile and that slowly kept me coming back from more. Eventually, I got in the groove of how things worked and how to look for items and it really changed my style in such a positive way. For the price of a dress at one of my favorite stores I could easily buy 10 (possibly more depending on the thrift store) dresses that were equally adorable, good quality, and even the very same name brand from my favorite store! 

For those of you new to thrifting please know that you can easily find outfits that don’t look “thrifted” if that is what you are afraid of. You simply have to go to a store with a game plan. Know what you like and what you don’t and stick to that (as simple as that may sound). I used to go crazy buying “ugly sweaters”, mainly because I thought it was funny, but at the end of the day I looked like a wild woman, haha. I grew out of that phase fast and began going to stores with a specific type of item in mind, this helped me to quickly comb through the racks with out losing sight of the end goal. Flipping through your favorite store’s catalogue and then running out to a thrift store with the looks in mind will really help you to recreate your dream style. A major plus is that thrifting typically guarantees one of a kind looks! Anywho… one more quick tip for today: being able to hold up an item to yourself and eyeball whether it fits is a major plus ladies – 95% of the time I get it right. The downside of thrifting is that you can rarely try it on (or want to try it on there, because let’s be real, those clothes need to be washed first!) and there are no returns. Knowing these simple tips can help you to find the perfect look more quickly and often with success. 

Please know that living on a budget does not mean forfeiting your style, quite the opposite! It forces you to get creative and to have some adventures in the process. Thrifting is fun, you never know what treasure you will find. Be warned though – once you get the hang of thrifting you may never go back ;]

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